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New in 2022

14 days  Easy to moderate E - Bike and Barge tour

The Famous Maas Valley Route

4 Country Barge and Bike cruises

Holland - Belgium - France -  Germany

On the beautiful  River La Meuse  and Valleys 


Everyday a beautiful and Old Historical Landscape & Beautiful old Historical City's along the route:

Discover the beautiful city’s
Maastricht ( Holland)  - Liège - Namur - ( Belgium)  Dinant - Givet ( France ) - Rivière - Huy – Maastricht - Aachen ( Germany) - Kanne ( Flanderen) - Lanaken -  Bree - Abbey of Achel - Thorn - Born - Maastricht  
Most flat and slightly hilly Bike tracks       

Departure and arrival at Port Kanne (B) near Maastricht ( Holland )  The capital city of Limburg County
THIS TOUR IS  possible on request from every Saturday in April till Okt  . 

Pricing and Charter Conditions : 2022
Price € 2000 ,- pp. Max.10 Guests
Excl. Tourist taxes, Harbor + Canal Fee - Bike insurance ,Local Tax ( € 198,50 pp ) 

Individual or group vacation
Incl. First Class E - Bike with a 95 Mile battery.

E -Bike rental of first-class Super E – Bike Victoria e Trekking 7.5  ****** the luxury Model Sport with a 95 Mile.= 135 Km battery ,Counterbreak + 2 Hydraulic hand breaks, 2 saddle bags, extra-long step-in, 7-speeds, bike computer, rain poncho, repair materials, a double safety lock and bike helmet, special reinforced no leak tires . etc.    

  yachtmirologo  Gentlemen Yacht since 1916

Your adventure begins on the authentically restored and new motorized luxury Salon Yacht Miro***** - Gentlemen Yacht since 1916 –
( Max.10 Guests .) and encompasses a dynamic Boat and Bike Holiday through 4 countries. Holland – Belgium - France and Germany

The tour begins at Port Kanne ( B ) near MAASTRICHT ( Holland ) close to the Parliament house of Limburg, The historical city where the EURO treaty was signed.
And home Town of the famous violin performer Andre Rieu.   

The route takes you through the breathtaking and welcoming Wallonian River Maas and Valleys – through the Flanderen county’s ,South  Limburg , and the land Of Aachen in Germany . a gorgeous historical landscape with beautiful and friendly old Historical City’s – Castles and Fortifications situated between the Netherlands - Belgium - France and Germany.

• Welcome Champagne or Café Complet.
• 14 Day Barge and Bike tour on board ***** Hotel Yacht Miró*****                       
• 13 nights including a Fine captains breakfast. 
• 14 x Packed lunch and drink.
• Afternoon Tea / Coffee  and Home made Sweets.
2 Person luxurious Comfort Class Dubbelbed Cabin
• Badroom an suite -  shower, toilet and sink, Hairdrayer 
• Sport massage device  
satellite TV, DVD / Radio 
Airco , safe, central heating
• Towels - Bedlinnen . Maidservice
• Every day cabin cleaning.
• Laundry service .
• Bike rental of first-class Sport E – Bike  Victoria e Trekking 7.5 ****** de Luxury Model.
• with Counterbreak + 2 Hydraulic Handbreaks, 2 saddle bags, extra-long step-in,
• 07 -speeds, bike computer, rain poncho, repair materials, a double safety lock and bike helmet, reinforced  no leak tires etc.
• Route  biking maps, walking maps, route descriptions and multi-lingual travel information for your use and convenience.
• Bike GPS / E – Guide  for every cabin.
• Multi-lingual crew on board.
• Guided City walk in the city Liege and Visit to the Cafe Chantant les Jardin des Ollivette 
• Guided  Bike tour to The City Aachen . And W W 1  Memorial Cemetery 
• Guided City walk in The City Maastricht 
• Warm and welcoming family atmosphere.

Full board ( 12 Diners ) and  profesional Bike Guide possible                                                         
Tour details.

The total length of the route by bike is approx. 25 miles a day .              
The total length by boat is approx. 350 miles .
Almost all bike paths are level and well-lit, but alternative routes and local roads are also a possibility.
Grade of difficulty: I / 3  These are lovely bike routes along well-signposted bike routes and with Maps and GPS.

We also offer walkers many picturesque routes and possibilities for interesting excursions, to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.  

Day 1: A hearty welcome on board in Maastricht and cruise to Liège
You're expected at Port Kanne /Maastricht at 12.00 (the harbour has reserved parking places). Once on board, we're pleased to offer you a welcome Champagne  and let you know a little bit more about the planned tour. The bikes are handed out at 14.00 and will be personally adjusted for your biking comfort. We set sail with the Miró*****  towards Liège, via the locks of Lanaye. With their 18 meter drop, these are the highest locks in the Maas and it makes for a pretty impressive event. Upon arrival in historical center of Liège, we'll dock at the aquarium museum Du Liege. Dinner will be served in Liège and in the evening there will be ample time to visit the lovely Historical city highlights – the Captain will be happy to  take you to the renowned Café Chantant Le Jardin des Ollivette, where the music of the region and the famous French "chansons" create a wonderfully unique atmosphere.

Day 2:  Liège - Amay - Namur 
We'll begin the day early with a hearty Captain's breakfast, after which you'll be more than fortified for a visit to the famous Sunday market La Batte, Belgium's oldest market. The Miró***** will then set sail for Namur via the Maas Bike track , along the mighty steel mills that underline the industrial importance of the River Maas. The route is ever-changing: wild, wooded glens and cultivated areas all compete for your attention alongside the winding river.
We'll also see many an ancient castle, straight out of a fairytale. Above the d'Ampsin-Neuville locks you'll disembark once more and take a bike ride to the Namur . a Hartley welcome on Board again and we invite you for the afternoon tea  , Namur is a rich old city and also the capital of the federal state of Wallonia, situated on the junction of the Sambre and the Maas rivers. In the evening hours you'll visit the enchanting Citadel of  Namur the biggest fortifications  off Europe - and wonder at the sights of this lovely city. And you'll fall asleep under the romantic canopy of lights that illuminate the imposing walls of the Chateau Namur.  
Day 3: Bike tour to Dinant  
The bike route takes you from the Val de Meuse , or Maas Valley, to Dinant. On the left riverbank you can admire the strawberry town of Wepion, while on the other riverbank you'll have a great views of Profondeville en Rivière with it's fabulous vantage point 'Sept Meuse', which offers a breathtaking view over seven Maas valleys.
From hire you can make a  tour to the Abbey of Maredred and Maredsous   ( Beer brewery and cheese making ) The route travels along the typical Maas-style village Dave-Frenes en Godinne with its beautiful 17th century Spanish manor house called Yvoir and the lovely abbey-brewery of Leffe. Small, welcoming villages where the delights of Belgian beer await surround you on your sailing adventure. Shortly before Dinant you can wonder at the old fortresses of Poilvache to your right an Crèvecoeur to your left, directly opposite each other and each guarding its own riverbank. Today you'll also be rewarded by the gorgeous natural beauty of the region. The Miró*****  will be waiting for you again in the center of the picturesque City of Dinant.  

Day 4: From Dinant to Givet and Rivière  ( viva la France  )
Breakfast Cruise to Waulsort . The valley disappears after Dinant, and the villages get sparser and the cliffs more steep.  
They give this landscape a wild and untouched flavor. On the right bank you'll pass Anseremme. Here you can tour the Lesse by canoe, and then via the locks to the Château of Freyr, also known as little Versailles on the Maas. we start the Bike tour in Waulsort towards Hastière. Here you can visit the old Roman abbey church, before continuing onto Givet, a city known as the port of France. The return route is an alternative one to the one just taken. On the fourth day you're welcome to rest or you can also take a short bike ride through the lovely scenery surrounding Dinant. at 15.30 Hrs. is a romantic Afternoon cruise with tea planned to Rivière. possibility for the Fine and traditional BBQ on board of the Miro . Rivière is also where we'll spend the night, in a quiet place alongside the picturesque banks of the river. If you've still got any energy reserves, the skipper will be happy to take you for a lovely walk to see the charming watermill valley or the renowned Sept Meuse.

Day 5:  Rivière  - Marche le Dame  -  Huy  
During your breakfast the Miró*****  will be sailing through gorgeous mountain scenery to La Plante.And from La Plante we'll take a bike tour via Marche-les-Dames (the place where in 1934 the Belgian King and mountaineer Albert I met his death while climbing the steep cliffs) to Huy. Here we'll dock at the beautiful city piers for the night. Huy is a lovely peaceful city with windy streets and alleys and an ancient tradition in metal work. The golden treasure of the Cathedral Notre Dame is unique, crafted by goldsmith Gottfried von Huy in the 13th century. The Citadel allows unforgettably breathtaking views of the plateau of Sartre.

Day 6: Huy - Maastricht  
While enjoying yet another sumptuous breakfast, we'll already be sailing towards the sun to  Ivos - Ramet where we'll begin a bike tour of harbour sites and iron works. Via the country towns of Monsin and Visé, we'll cross the border and bike past gorgeous apple orchards to Castle Eijsden, and then through lovely Limburg country to Maastricht

Day 7  :  Relax day                                                                                          
Discover the beautiful city of Maastricht 
Today we have a Relax day and we visit the Historical  Maastricht  the capital city of The Limburg county.  Maastricht is the 2e Monument city of Holland with a  great history , beautiful Cathedrals and Museums , famous Lime stone caves and The City for shopping. 
Day 8  Guided Bike tour to The  City off Aachen in Germany, the City of the legendary Emperor Karl the Great.  
Early breakfast and Guided bike tour to the land of Aachen we visit Margraten the Greatest war cemetery of Europe (2e World war ) and we visit the 4 country point in Vaals ,on the mountaintop we look over 4 different historical countries, Holland - Belgium - Morresnet - and Germany.in Aachen the coronation town off Karl the great we visit the springs, the Old historical City and the Dom ( the Cathedral ) With the beautiful Tomb and theThrone of KARL the great. 

Day 9: Riding through the Haspengouw County is biking and enjoying with all your senses!  
We sail with the Miró*****  towards  small canals and the beautiful valley to Kanne and we enjoy a pleasant Skippers breakfast. After breakfast Here the bikes are offloaded and after discussing the tour, we start our bike tour through the beautiful County Haspengouw  of Limburg  to the wonderful Castel `` The Commanderie of Alden Biesen``   and back along beautiful fruit gardens to  the delightful Village of Kanne. back in Kanne, we drink afternoon thee /coffee . Here we have dinner and we spend the night at the city quay. You are free to spend the rest of the evening as you please. You also have the opportunity to visit the famous Limestone caves the skipper is your Guide    

Day 10  :  Bike tour  Lanaken  - Maasmechelen -  Bree   
Pick the enchantment in Limburg!!
A delicious breakfast cruise  and Briefing of the tour.
The skipper has already taken your bike from the boat and checked the pressure of your tires. Our bike tour leads us through an enchanted world of legendary castles ruins , miraculous legends and a mysterious past. Centuries-old stories occur here in a fairy-tale setting of sweet fruit - blossoms, ready to be picked, of green woods and endless panoramic views. The Land of the Haspengouw has you in its spell and will never set you free again. We visit the splendid medieval castle ruins  of Pietersheim  the  oldest castle between the Loire and the river Rhine.  Beautiful landscape and bike tracks at the famous national park Hoge kempen .We  board the Miró*****  again in Maasmechelen and maybe you want to visit the outlet shopping center Maasmechelen Village .  we take a beautiful sailing tour over the  romantic small  canals to the  Old  town of Bree . We moor beneath the city and here we enjoy  and spend the night. In the evening it is a real treat to stroll the streets of this small picturesque town. 

Day 11 : Bike ride to the Abby off Achel  and afternoon cruise to Stevensweert .  
Taste La Dolce Vita in Limburg!
The Limburg National Park Hoge Kempen surprises you with beautiful bike Tracks  between large and dark woods, impressive land dunes, mysterious pools and we visit  the Old Benedictine Abby and  brewery of Achel with the famous Abby beer and chees . There are also some very good bike cafés along the route, and don't you want to go too far to-day? No problem. You simply shorten the route  in City of Weert we take a beautiful sailing tour over the  romantic small  canals to the Fortifications Stevensweert. We will have dinner under the beautiful medieval church  and spend the night on the wooded River banks.  

Day 12 :  Thorn - Maaseik - Thorn.  
Boundless enjoyment in Limburg!
Breakfast cruise over the beautiful lakes to the mediaeval City Thorn appr. 9.30 o'clock the bikes are taken from the boat. we discuss the tour and at Meanwhile the shipmate has taken your bike from the boat and he has checked the pressure of your tires. In Thorn  we start the bike tour over the Maas route to the little Historical City of Maaseik and Maasbracht ,on the track beautiful old farmhouses, wineries , Castle’s water and windmills along a beautiful old River landscape and the splendid Limburg lakes.  

Don't forget to taste the excellent local cuisine and the famous Belgian chocolate!  The bike tour continues to the famous snow white Museum town of Thorn.  Here you meet the Miró*****  again; your sailing hotel that has moored at the landing outside the city walls. Do you want to fish or swim???   the swimming water is crystal-clear!    the view over the lake is breathtaking.  This evening, you can enjoy taking a walk through this wonderful little mediaeval museum Town.

Day 13 : Born  - Maastricht.   
Listen in exaltation to the silence on the water!
A delicious early breakfast Cruise towards the sun across the beautiful Limburg lakes. We pass the impressive lock-complex at the beginning of the Juliana canal  the Great locks off Maasbracht , Through the rural village of Stein with the local beer brewery , we ride along beautiful apple orchards to the little village of Elsloo with its Old Castle and splendid gardens . Here you can enjoy a delicious lunch or have a cup of coffee. We continue our tour through a splendid wooded Limburg scenery to the historical city of Maastricht. Capital city of Limburg county.

In the Afternoon  the Miró*****  takes us back to the  Historical Centre of Maastricht. On Thursday evening all shops and museums are open until 21.00 o'clock p.m. Maastricht shows you its unequalled, delightful Burgundian side. As we return on the Miró***** , we sail to Port Kanne and we enjoy a  Goodbye  drink on the Candlelight deck, looking back on a wonderful Barge and Bike Trip in Europe.    

Day 14: Return Trip
Enjoy a last delicious breakfast on board; disembark at 10.00. Your crew will be sad to see you go & will hope that you have had an unforgettable experience!

Taxi Transfer to Railwaystation Maastricht is optional

Dinner is either in renowned local restaurants ( Not Incl. )

By a Full charters is also All Inclusive on board and a Bike Profesional Guide possible  


                                         Welcome aboard

                                              Miss Elly

                                            Capt. & Crew 

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